When Is The Best Time To Train For Optimal Muscle Growth?

Will You Get Better Results From AM or PM Lifting? Weight training is key to a bodybuilders success, so it is understandable why they would only want 100% out of their workouts. In order to move the most weight, you have to be at your best, both physically and mentally. But when are you at

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German Volume Training Method With 6 Weeks Training Program

This method has been reported to be the most productive workout tried. It's hard, but effective to build muscle fast! The method is called The German Volume Training or The Ten Sets Method. This works by targeting a group of motor units, using extensive volume of repeated efforts including 10 sets of a single exercise.

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Reverse Hyperextension for Building Bigger Glutes

The glutes consist of three parts known as the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. From an anatomical standpoint, this is the largest muscle group in the body. If you stepped foot into a gym, you would most likely see men and women doing exercises like squats, lunges and step ups to work their glutes. A

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How To Cool Down Correctly After A Workout For A Full Recovery

You may have been told that your post workout cool down was the ticket to reduced muscle soreness. In fact, cool downs play a role and they certainly help with your immediate recovery. But if you must lose time from your workout, the cool down is where you are be able to gain time. In addition to not

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