Pull Ups Workout Routine for Muscle Growth

If you're ready to build strength and a toned upper body, the the pull up is perfect. Pull-ups are performed by lifting your body up to a bar and lowering yourself back down. This bodyweight exercise is not the simplest exercises to perform, but it has major benefits. By learning and performing pull-ups

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German Volume Training Method With 6 Weeks Training Program

This method has been reported to be the most productive workout tried. It's hard, but effective to build muscle fast! The method is called The German Volume Training or The Ten Sets Method. This works by targeting a group of motor units, using extensive volume of repeated efforts including 10 sets of a single exercise.

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Focused Phase Training Method – 3 Month Program & Plan

If your training lacks sufficient diversity, you will accumulate the drawbacks and habituate to the benefits. Interestingly enough, even the concept of training diversity has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, with strength athletes, insufficient continuity will negatively impact strength gains, as every time you rotate your exercise plan you have to expend a lot

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No Equipment 7 Minute Abs & Core Workout

An amazing combo of core-strengthening moves and cardio, this circuit is designed to target not only your abs and obliques, but also the muscles in your back, pelvic floor and even your shoulders. Truth be told, it's better than doing hundreds of crunches. If you’re training for a sport or just for everyday life, you don’t usually use any

Maximizing Strength – Bulgarian Training Method

Bulgarian training is one of the simplest strength training methods, but most people with jobs can't follow it exactly. Traditionally, the system is characterised by only training a few lifts 2-3 times a day. Reps are low and you work up to your max several times a week. Benefits: It's easy to plan, it makes

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Plyo Box Workout With 5 Body Toning Exercises

Plyo boxes they come in many shapes, sizes and heights, some are solid and others firmer, but all work thew same. A plyo box, short for plyometrics box, is equipment that adds another element of challenge or modification to your workout routine. It’s great to use if you’re utilising your own bodyweight. Propelling yourself up on the box, even

Strong Muscle Defining Push Up Workout With 5 Exercises

The most beneficial of all upper-body pushing exercises are push-ups! They are extremely effective for increasing upper body strength, particularly for the chest, shoulders, triceps and core. Once an individual learns how to properly perform a push-up and becomes strong with them, the basic move no longer provides adequate stimulus for improvement. To build strength and develop a tight and toned

Gain Bigger Muscles With Shorter Workouts – Intensity Boosting Techniques

It's easy to get bored with a programme in which you get stronger with each and every workout. But it's understandable as they are very repetitive. The fact you do get sick of these workouts is a pretty good sign that you need to use high-intensity splits in short, strategic increments. As a little goes a

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Effective Workout Plan & Training Strategy For Natural Lifters

The number one mistake made by natural lifters is doing too much volume. You need to trigger protein synthesis and then stop training. Once it's been triggered, there is no added benefit in continuing to push a muscle, it will not grow more. The more volume you use, the more you break down protein. To maximise growth,

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Back Workout Complete With 8 Exercises

Do you want a wide, thick and strong back? Then here we have just the exercises and workouts for you. For most major muscle groups, it takes a lot to really make your back stand out. A lot more than pull ups and high-rep dumbbell rows . I’m going to break it down for you and give the best back exercises,