Carve Your Obliques And Get Rid Of Unwanted Love Handles With These 7 Towel Exercises

Whoever coined the fat deposits around the waistline "love handles" had a wacky sense of humour because there is nothing to love about them. The good news is that doing the right exercises to get rid of love handles and eating a healthy diet can get you the trim midsection you'd rather have. The best

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The Benefits of Both Kinds of Showers: Hot or Cold?

Showering is an essential part of a healthy routine, but depending on the temperature, your time spent under the water can offer different benefits. Whether you like it hot or prefer it cold, learn how your showering routine can affect your health. After reading, you might rethink which way you turn the dial. Some Like

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The 10-Minute Stretching Sequence You Should Do Every Day To Assist With Your Training

Stretching is one of those things that tends to get dropped to the bottom of people’s healthy to-do lists, but adding it to your daily routine can be highly beneficial. Post-workout static stretching—where you hold a pose for 10 to 30 seconds—can improve range of motion around your joints. Stretching after you exercise can help

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How to Boost and Sculpt Your Butt With These 5 Hip and Glute Exercises

A nicely-toned tush is one of the top confidence boosts, but making sure your jeans fit isn’t the only reason to take up hip and glute exercises. Let’s learn more about the underlying benefits of a firm behind. While many care about the glutes, the hips are often left forgotten about. Alongside your glutes and

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Perfect Your Posterior And Lift Your Tush With These 5 Simple Exercises

You may simply want to fill out your jeans or turn heads while you’re wearing your bikini this summer. Well, do you have about a quarter of an hour to zero in on your glutes? If so, we have a plan that involves just two common fitness tools: dumbbells and a stability ball. This workout

How To Master The Deadlift For Full Body Muscle Strength And Gains

The deadlift is simplicity personified and one of the best muscle-growing, strength-building, health-improving moves around. Performed safely, the deadlift will strengthen every bone in your body, challenge every muscle across your posterior chain and test your grip strength and core stability to the absolute max. It will find any flaws that you need to address

4 Techniques That Include Strength, Muscle Building, Endurance Or Fat Loss To Get The Body You Want!

How do you expect to progress if you’re always following the same programme? Here are four ways to mix up your training and get you powering forward. Simply choose your goal and then start incorporating the technique into your programme. Don’t rush with this technique. Do each portion slowly and deliberately to fire and tax

Your Yoga Cool-Down Routine To Compliment Your Workout Efforts

At the end of a yoga session, take the time to cool down with some hip openers, reclined twists, and passive inversions. These poses can also stand on their own when you just want to relax your body, but you'll go deeper when you're warmed up. Props are recommended for some poses and can always

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Protein Powder vs. Real Food – Who’s The Winner And Why Are They Important?

Both shakes and whole foods have their benefits and disadvantages. Finding a combination of both is the best option for your health. Use a protein drink after your workout or when you’re in a rush. However, to help your body function well, stick to the real meals as your general protein source. It feels so

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5 Lower Back Bodyweight Exercises To Ease Off Back Pain And Strengthen The Surrounding Muscles

With a proper routine, you can strengthen your core and gluteal muscles and reduce your injury risk. This workout can be performed with nothing but your body weight. To further protect your low back, maintain an upright, engaged posture while on the job and avoid staying in any one position for too long. Low-back pain