6 Of The Most Soothing Yoga Poses To Boost Relaxation And Beat Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone – and it could be costing you more than just a restless night and sleepy day, people with insomnia are much more likely to experience associated health problems such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. But don’t despair – a good night’s sleep really is within reach. A pre-bedtime yoga for sleep

7 Fantastic Leg Stretches To Warm Up Or Cool Down And Create An Impressive Lower Body

There are many benefits to stretching before your workout: it prepares your body for the workout to come and increases joint flexibility. Regular stretching alone cannot prevent injuries, make you run faster, or correct poor posture. But it prepares your body for your workout and helps relax tired muscles afterwards! Are you not really sure what stretching exercises to include in

7 Exercises To Relieve You From The Pain Of Sciatica And Enjoy Being Able To Move Freely Again

Working out with sciatica requires a bit of caution, but having the painful condition should by no means keep a person completely sidelined from physical activity and exercise. Up to 40% of adults will have sciatica at some point in their lives. This means they will experience pain, numbness, or tingling anywhere between the lower back and feet, caused by

5 Exercises To Ramp Up Your Next Walk In The Park With This Fun And Effective Workout

It’s hard to justify training in a dark gym when the sun is still shining outside. Especially since you can build muscle just as effectively using your own bodyweight as you can by lifting some iron. Your outdoor workouts don’t have to be all cardio all the time. You can fit in a fun and effective strength routine while you

The 6 Exercise Weighted Yoga Workout That Tones, Sculpts And Creates Flexibility

Yoga is great, but after a while it's just not much of a workout. If you’re dedicated to a consistent practice, you already know that yoga is actually an amazing way to get your entire body moving, challenging your physical and mental stamina, agility and strength. That said, yoga isn’t exactly the rigorous, high-intensity workout that many people crave. But,

5 Stretches In 5 Minutes – Prime Your Muscles For A Safer, More Efficient Walk Or Run

No one wants to extend their workout longer than they have to, skipping a post-walk stretch session is a bad idea. Absolutely, stretch after your walks. Although it’s debatable whether stretching keeps soreness at bay or prevents injuries, it does still serve an important purpose. Your muscles are warmer at the end of a walk so it’s easier to increase