Looking For An Awesome Butt Workout To Do At The Gym? These 6 Moves Are Perfect

Let’s face it — as women, most of us want to strengthen our glutes. You can use glute strengthening exercises to build and sculpt your glutes, and while this might already be reason enough for you to incorporate more leg workouts into your fitness routine, having strong glutes actually has SO many more benefits! You’ll need access to different machines at the

How To Keep In Shape Over Christmas With These 8 Simple Exercises

Christmas probably means missed workouts, or, at best, squeezing in sessions on the fly (and usually without the best equipment). Then you eat like a pig during the meal, which incapacitates you for days afterward. What you need—beyond a little self-control—is a workout you can do anywhere that helps to reverse the effects of all the “fun” you’re having. We

This Is Your Total Body Transformation Plan – Be Prepared To Be Amazed!

This is the kind of strength workout that leaves you sweaty & out of breath, as if you were doing a cardio workout. That’s exactly why I love it; you’ll be burning fat and building lean muscle simultaneously, all while improving your overall bodily control and coordination. The benefit to our workout is that we have strategically formatted the workout

HIIT These Exercises In Just 26 Minutes To Blast Calories & Build A Better Body!

For a strength training workout that makes every muscle in your body quiver, you might plan to hit the gym's free weights, the upper- and lower-body weight machines, and the stair climber to tone your biceps, booty, and beyond. After you've cycled through your pumped-up workout playlist a few times, you'll finally feel like you've made major improvements in the gains department. There are many different ways to hold a kettlebell, allowing

How To Build A Juicy Round Tush With 7 Gratifying Glute Moves

What do celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and Nicky Minaj have in common? It's their butts that drive everyone crazy. While most women with good looking booties can thank genetics, or surgery...it is still possible to accentuate your backside through diet, supplements, and exercise.So, here are some practical steps for making your buttocks firmer and better looking. A lot

Jason Stathams 7-Day Workout Plan For A Scene-Stealing Physique

This workout was structured specifically for Jason Statham at a certain point in time to account for his goals, his lifestyle and his conditioning level. So, this isn't necessarily Jason's current training programme, but rather a snapshot of one week in a much longer progression of training. Jason's regimen is continually manipulated in order to account for the many outside

How Can I Lose Weight In My Abs Legs And Arms In One Workout And Quickly? 5 Moves 1 Set Of Dumbbells

As much as we like to squish, flick, complain about and pull on our flab, it’s fair to say we would be better off without it.  Flab needs attention and work to make you healthy and happy, and losing it is all about adjusting your lifestyle. It’s your diet and looking at the lack of exercise. Some types of fat

Do Squats Really Give You a Bigger Bum? Yes & These 8 Variations Will Make It Fun To Grow

You know what the fastest way to a tighter, stronger, curvier, perkier butt is? Squats! It's an effective lower-body exercise that works a bunch of muscles at once, including the glutes, quads, and core. You don't need any equipment to do a squat in its most basic form—your weight and gravity give you all the resistance you need. You can

How Can I Get Rid Of Cellulite In My Butt? With These 5 Moves That Fight Fat

Reducing cellulite is a common aim for people starting out on a fitness journey. The dimpling often found on the thighs and buttocks is often associated with being unfit, but is this a fair assumption? And can your exercise regime make a difference to your body’s cellulite? A lot of workouts are marketed as fat-blasting and cellulite-shrinking. Most women have to

Already Doing Regular Cardio? Excellent. Here’s How To Add In Strength Training To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

This metabolism-revving mini-routine,makes it as easy as possible to finally fit in resistance work. Each day of our plan zeros in on a different zone to ensure you hit every inch at least twice a week. You'll get stronger and slimmer and increase your lean mass, which will help ward off diabetes and heart disease. You may see cardio and