2 Push/Pull Workout Plans – Create a Full Balanced Body With These Workouts

What are push and pull workout plans? They’re simple but effective ways to get a balanced workout. When someone says, “yeah, I lift”, we often think multiple days in the gym consisting of chest, back, shoulders, arms and the dreaded leg day. That is the “traditional” way to lift, right? Dividing muscle groups into different

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Chest Workout : 3 Exercises To Target Inner Pecs

It's no surprise that training chest is one of the most popular workouts along biceps, abs and shoulders! Not only is is visually pleasing but it assists the strength and structure of upper body workouts. Training chest can also improve posture as it relieves pressure off the back muscles. By training the pecs you are

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Mastering Dips: Guide, Form, Flaws, Set Up & Execution

Muscles Targeted: The basic dip is the “upper body squat” working many muscles in the chest, shoulders, back, and triceps. You can even work your abs and hip flexors with some variations. It’s a fantastic way to work the primary pushing muscles in a balanced way without placing too much emphasis or neglect on a select

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Gain Chest Mass And Boost Your Bench Press

The bench press is a core fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength and power. Effectively targeting your pecs, anterior delts, triceps and lats. Improving upper body strength will greatly improve your overall athletic performance and growth. Since the chest is one of the most stubborn areas for gains, the bench press has become the

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Mastering The Swiss Ball Pike: Guide, Form, Flaws, Set Up & Execution

Exercise Instructions: Start in push-up position with your hands about shoulder-width apart and your shins resting on a Swiss ball. Raise your hips upward as you roll the ball in toward your hands. Pause at the top before slowly lowering to the starting position.

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Complete Workout With Only Your Bodyweight

Everyone knows exercise plays an important role in our general health, but whether its a lack of motivation, the need to travel to the gym, the cost of equipment, or simply know-how, these supposed obstacles often stand in our way. In reality, all you need is yourself. Here’s how you can get a full-body workout

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Bench Press Programme For Ultimate Strength and Size Gains

If you’re still doing straight sets for 5×5, don’t be surprised when your bench press stops going up. That’s not to knock five-sets, they’re great and safe. They’ll get you benching more than your bodyweight. They probably won’t get you to 1.5 times your bodyweight and they definitely won’t get you to 2 times.  If you want a better bench

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Mastering Seated Incline-Decline Press: Guide, Form, Flaws, Set Up & Execution

Exercise Instructions: Sitting on an incline bench positioned at a 45-degree angle, hold a pair of dumbbells directly above your chest with your arms fully extended and your palms facing outward. Pull your shoulder blades together, slightly stick out your chest, and lower both dumbbells to the sides of your chest. Now, press one dumbbell

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Mastering Pushups: Guide, Form, Flaws, Set Up & Execution

Muscles Targeted: If you’re looking for an excellent bodyweight exercise that really works your chest, then pushups are perfect for you. The pushup exercise targets the pectoralis major as the primary muscle group and it also works the deltoids and triceps as secondary muscles. Pushups also really work your core muscles of your abdominals and

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Lower Chest Workout For Rounded And Defined Pecs

Having well-defined pectorals, or “pecs” for short, is essential to a balanced body. A great chest definitely turns heads, but more importantly, it’s essential to making an athlete stronger for competitions and for helping perform many everyday tasks. When talking about your chest, it’s important to remember that the pecs consist of three separate sections:

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