How To Do A Burpee As An Efficient Total-Body Exercise

Do A Burpee As An Efficient Home Total-Body Exercise Burpee - You love to hate them, but burpees are an efficient total-body exercise. Here’s how to do this move correctly and in style. Anyone who’s been training a while has a love/hate relationship with burpees: they’re a lung-busting total-body move that you know is oh-so

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Plyo Box Workout With 5 Body Toning Exercises

Plyo boxes they come in many shapes, sizes and heights, some are solid and others firmer, but all work thew same. A plyo box, short for plyometrics box, is equipment that adds another element of challenge or modification to your workout routine. It’s great to use if you’re utilising your own bodyweight. Propelling yourself up on the box, even