Chest – Flat Dumbbell Fly

1. Take position, sitting at the front end of a flat bench with your feet on the floor and the dumbbells upright on the thigh muscle just above your knee cap. This means the palms are facing each other. 2. Keeping the dumbbells on the thighs, rock back into the lying position with dumbbells at

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The Cheat Meal Programme – 3 Cheat Meal Rules

Bodybuilders have been at the forefront of dieting breakthroughs. The concept of strategic overfeeding to the dieting bodybuilder who, after a long pre-contest diet, goes on a post-contest binge and ends up looking better because of it. The non-competitive lifter can do the same, get right back on the diet and notice a few days later that

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The Difference – Cheat Days or Carb Re-Feed Day?

Cheat Days & Carb Re-Feed Days: The Difference Before we get into the differences are between the two, I will say now that they aren’t the same. In fact, far from it! A cheat day is where you decide to blow all your calories and macronutrients out of the window! There would be no counting of

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