A 20 Minute Indoor Cardio Workout For Losing Fat And Shaping Up

This workout is perfect and makes way more sense to get in a cardio workout indoors to shift fat and shape your body! Here is a 20-minute cardio workout to do at home without any equipment. The workout below is all about "burst training," which is high-intensity interval training. Burst training is traditionally a two-to-one ratio, 20 seconds on

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Complete Workout Using The Simplicity Of Only Your Bodyweight

Everyone knows exercise plays an important role in our general health, but whether its a lack of motivation, the need to travel to the gym, the cost of equipment, or simply know-how, these supposed obstacles often stand in our way. In reality, all you need is yourself. Here’s how you can get a full-body workout

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Post Activation Potentiation Training Method To Build Your Body And Super Size Your Strength

Post-activation potentiation refers to a short-term improvement in performance (e.g. jumping) as a result of using a conditioning exercise (e.g. back squats). Many conditioning exercises, for example back squats, deadlifts, plyometrics and isometric contractions have all been shown to improve subsequent performances. This performance improvement is due the muscles being placed into a ‘potentiated’, or

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TRX Strength Total Body Workout – 20 Min Workout

If you haven’t tried TRX suspension training before, the chances are you have seen or read about it. It involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using just your own body weight. By changing the way you angle your body, every muscle can be engaged in a pull or push motion also it will improve

Low Impact Exercises That Have Serious Calorie Burning Potential

If you suffer from joint pain that makes exercise difficult and uncomfortable, or if you’re just trying to avoid joint pain, then try low impact workouts. The common misconception, is that a low impact workout means low calorie burn. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We have five low impact exercises that have serious calorie blasting

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2 Bodyweight Workout Plans To Tone And Enhance Your Shape That You Can Do At Home

If you can't make it to the gym or don't have a gym membership then these 2 body weight workout plans are exactly what you need to help you get in shape! Both are designed to help lose fat and tone up. These plans are great for beginners and can even be adjusted with small weights once the technique

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Why Cardio Is An Amazing Factor For Weight Loss

Although it is thought that cardio exercises are the best way to lose weight, they are not necessary. Although it might be helpful in becoming leaner, cardio won’t leave you with that desired six pack. In this article we will be explaining the role of cardio and its benefits with losing weight. This will also include tips on how to replace

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Returning To Exercise After A C-Section

It's natural to want your flat stomach back after delivering your baby. It is important to approach your postpartum fitness routine with caution, especially if you've had a C-section. A C-section is major abdominal surgery and your body needs as much time as possible to recover. Firstly it is important to get confirmation to exercise from your doctor.

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Full Body Stretching Exercises – 34 Best Stretching Exercises in 10-Minute Flexibility Routine

Your lifestyle regardless of what you choose, you have probably heard how important it is to stretch. This is extremely truthful as stretching increases the blood flow in your muscles and helps your joints to exploit their full range of motion. It also improves your posture and enhances your athletic performance making sure you reduce risk of pain and injury. Knowing the importance of stretching is

Can Ab Exercises Burn Belly Fat?

What Are Abdominal Muscles (Abs)? There are four main abdominal muscles: Rectus abdominis. Transverse abdominis. External oblique. Internal oblique. Your abdominal muscles help to stabilise your core. This assists with breathing, they are allowing movement, protecting your internal organs and are the main postural support and balance. This is what your abdominal muscles look like: