Understanding Carb Cycling to Build & Maintain Muscle

If you start searching for the perfect diet to suit your goals, you will come across endless different diets or stories. Should you eat carbs or avoid them completely? You want to burn fat but without risking muscle loss at the same time but is that possible? Low carb diets help you lose weight at first,

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Why Cardio Is An Amazing Factor For Weight Loss

Although it is thought that cardio exercises are the best way to lose weight, they are not necessary. Although it might be helpful in becoming leaner, cardio won’t leave you with that desired six pack. In this article we will be explaining the role of cardio and its benefits with losing weight. This will also include tips on how to replace

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8 Simple Changes To Lose Weight and Improve Dieting

Dieting doesn't have to be difficult. So many of us look at creating a sensible and effective eating plan but don’t want to go through with it. Do you find yourself counting calories, eating only half of the day or trying to minimise your portions? Whatever you choose and whatever your goals, here are some fundamental principles to follow for

Best Food To Build Lean Muscle

As much as we rely on protein powders to build muscle as we are under knowledge that this is of importance, it is not a very effective approach. It can also negatively influence your health in the long term because your body needs a constant supply of good quality whole foods, these aid the body function properly and sustains lean muscle

Complete Diet And Training Plan On How To Lose Weight In 8 Weeks

The Ultimate Plan To Lose Weight Fast Losing weight is a task that demands discipline, effort, sacrifice and patience. There isn’t a shortcut to achieving the best results. As an intelligent human being living in the modern world that’s constantly promoted with diet and fitness, you’re already aware that there is no fat loss plan that suits

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Can Ab Exercises Burn Belly Fat?

What Are Abdominal Muscles (Abs)? There are four main abdominal muscles: Rectus abdominis. Transverse abdominis. External oblique. Internal oblique. Your abdominal muscles help to stabilise your core. This assists with breathing, they are allowing movement, protecting your internal organs and are the main postural support and balance. This is what your abdominal muscles look like:  

Will Skipping Breakfast Make You Lose Fat Faster?

Will Breakfast Boost Your Energy All Day? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Every day, our parents told us that if we wanted to be strong and healthy we would need to eat our breakfast, even though most of the time we wouldn’t want to. The thing is, this doesn't just apply as a

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Six Pack Secrets – The Truth Behind The Myths

Six Pack Secrets You Need to Know - 3 Biggest Misconceptions About Getting a 6 Pack There are a lot of common misconceptions about how to get “6 pack abs”. I’m here to tell you the truth about 3 of the biggest ones. You may not like what you read here, but if you remember these

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6 Steps How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Love Handles

Meal Plan & 6 Tips How To Lose Those Love Handles If you are reading this article you would like to know who to lose 'love handles'. A lot of people do, but it’s really no big deal, because they are the first thing to come and the very last to go. We are of course

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7 Summer Shredding Tips For Clean Ripped Physique

It's common to put on a little weight in the winter and then want to lose it in the summer! Finding a comfortable defined physique in the summer, that is easy to maintain and feel comfortable with is easily reachable with these tips! I know many of you are looking to shred fat, bring those

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