Chisel Your Upper Abs With Cable Crunches!

Are you looking for a way to really chisel your upper abs? Cable crunches are a great upgrade, but only if you do them correctly! Doing crunches on a cable apparatus offers one huge advantage over doing them on the floor: The cable allows you to increase resistance, enabling you to train to failure using

The Ultimate Ab Workout For Men

Unleash your abs with this explosive plan! Looking for a more intense ab workout? Then you've hit the right article! This workout will burn and drive your abs into immense shape and strength in no time! Choose one exercise from each section, for a total of five. Perform one move immediately after the other for the

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The Best 6 Exercises You Need To Get A Chiselled Six-Pack

Six-pack abs aren't all that complicated: Find an abs workout and eat a nutrient-rich diet. The best way to avoid injury, is by building a strong core. Want to do yoga better? Run faster? Squat heavier? It all begins with your core. Below are 6 abs exercises, along with a instructions to ensure that you’re executing

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The Intense Ab Workout That Creates Curvaceous Core Muscles

If you want a six pack or a toned stomach then don’t believe the hype, and put your efforts into what works! This article provides 7 simple yet effective exercises to help transform your core! You can carve your core from every angle and take your killer abs to the next level. Are you ready

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Burn Fat With This 5 Exercise Medicine Ball Workout

Do you want to burn fat with only 5 exercises? This 5 exercise routine is great for fat loss and toning. It’s designed to help you build a rock solid core, burn fat and improve your sports performance. The best part: All you need is a medicine ball to do this workout any place, any time.

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4 Week Plan To Rock Your Core Into Super Ripped Form

Yeah, you want a six-pack, but a strong core doesn’t just make you look great. This workout blends three different specialities and it’ll challenge your abs to stabilise your body as you train other muscles too. Do this full-body workout 3 times a week, resting at least 1 day between sessions. If you’re new to

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8 Core Blasting Exercises To Target Your Lower Abs

This article has 8 amazing exercises that are unlike your traditional core exercises! Crunches are great for sculpting your upper abdominals and oblique’s. But they barely touch those pesky lower abs, making toning quite a challenge. Always remember when training abs that pace is the last thing to be concerned about! Slower is better, slower

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10 Exercises You Need To Do For Achieving Single-Digit Body Fat

Do you want to get rid of your belly and have a toned  one instead? Well we have just the moves for you! These moves are specifically designed to raise your heart rate and work off your fat. You can incorporate any of the moves into your current workout or use them as a complete workout

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9 Exercise Six-Pack Workout To Gain Monster Size And Core Definition

People generally like to approach cardio and fitness separately. But by combining them you will see a rapid body transformation and a solid six pack. If you combine these two areas of training, you make each exercise work double time. The great thing about this workout, is all you need are a couple dumbbells. Do 3 sessions

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The Most Unexpected 15 Exercises For A Sexy Ab Blast & Body Sculpt Workout

So we are all used to sit ups, crunches and all the other extras that make your abs! But, here we have 15 unexpected exercises that come away from you stereotypical exercises, make your workout more spicy and give a total body tone! All you need is a set of dumbbells, some space and off

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