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The 5 Most Effective Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises

Shoulder training enhances posture and strengthens the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. This creates more stability and structure. The shoulder allows for range of movement. When the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint are weak, it can cause injury, immobility and can impair the way you train. If the shoulders are weak then you will struggle

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Pull Ups Workout Routine for Muscle Growth

If you're ready to build strength and a toned upper body, the the pull up is perfect. Pull-ups are performed by lifting your body up to a bar and lowering yourself back down. This bodyweight exercise is not the simplest exercises to perform, but it has major benefits. By learning and performing pull-ups correctly, it

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Superset Chest Workout – The Best 5 Supersets To Build A Bigger Chest

Did you know that starting your week with a chest session, is extremely beneficial. This is because your muscles are rested over the weekend, and the stimulation will encourage growth and strength. Also by starting your week with a chest superset, not only will you save time but you will boost your workout with high

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Dumbbell Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs target your upper trapezius muscles, also known as the traps. Located on your upper back and across the back of your shoulders, big, strong traps can be useful in contact sports such as wrestling, football, hockey, boxing and rugby as they provide essential support for your neck, which is an important factor for

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Workout & Training Plan To Build Towering Traps

The Benefit Of Building Bigger Traps: One of the most important and beneficial reasons to build your traps is that, properly developed traps will help to stabilise and move the spine whenever movement is performed. This could be everyday activities or most importantly, whilst training. Whenever the spinal column is required to not only support

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The Hanging Windshield Wiper For A Strong Core & Abs

This movement combines an oblique twist with a hanging simulated toe-touch. This total-body core move is very difficult. It combines strength and control in the core, along with grip strength. To do this one correctly: You need to be strong enough to bring your legs up to the bar. Isometrically contract to hold yourself up.

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Shoulder Tap Push-Up

How To Do The Shoulder Tap Push-Up: Begin in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Keeping abdominals and legs tight, slowly lower your chest toward the ground with your elbows bending and pointing behind you. Exhale as you push back up to lengthen arms into plank, then lift

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Standing Cable Rear Delt Row With Rope

How to do the Rope Rear Delt Row: The face pull is not a "power" exercise, and it certainly isn't an ego lift. Here's what you should do: Attach a rope to a pulley station set at about chest level. Grasp both ends of the rope with a pronated (overhand) grip. Step back so you're

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Cluster Sets Training Method For Mass And Strength

When cluster training you can easily manipulate the sets, reps and rest scheme. By doing this you are allowing yourself to induce strength or hypertrophy gains. If gaining strength is your target, then aim to keep the load of the movement high (at or above 90% of your 1RM), and the reps low (sets of

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